Why you need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Why you need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Date: December 22, 2017

We all know the saying: “If you don’t like the weather in Ontario, just wait 5 minutes.” It’s officially winter and we have already seen our fair share of snowstorms and heat waves. While the change in weather can drive you a little crazy, rest assured that your valuables aren’t feeling the same stress.

Climate-controlled self-storage units are standard at all of our locations across Ontario. Not only does this protect your vehicle, files and other belongings from the extreme heat and cold (hello -30°) but it has a bunch of benefits you may not know about.

Fabrics such as leather and cotton can lose their shape in humidity. For those who need to store furniture this can be a major concern. We control both the temperature of the unit AND the amount of moisture in the air. This ensures your furniture will be in perfect shape when you need it. Same goes for any off-season clothing you need to store.

Fabric isn’t the only natural material that will change with humidity. Wooden bed frames and other furniture need to be kept in a climate-controlled space to maintain their shape.

Electronics are another thing to think about when it comes to climate control. While we all know that water is damaging to electronics, even the moisture in the air can do damage over time. Those high-end valuables are just as susceptible to long-term exposure to humidity as fabrics and other natural materials. Choosing the right climate for your electronics will keep them working year after year.

Moisture + Time = damaged electronics, furniture and more.

Climate controlled units are customizable by you to suit your self-storage needs. When considering the right temperature and humidity level we are here to help you create the best environment for your belongings. Mold and mildew are two of the leading causes of rotting materials in the Canadian home. The simple equation of Moisture + Time = damaged electronics, furniture and more. By managing each unit individually, we can guarantee the safety of your items.

While we can’t help control the humidity outside and the effect it has on your hair – we can guarantee that our units are perfectly controlled to best suit your needs. And of course, we provide climate-controlled units by using the most eco-friendly methods possible. All of our facilities come with solar panels and LED lighting to do our part in protecting against climate change. We know that the planet is as important to you as your valuables – keep them both safe and protected with Green Storage Solutions.

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