Personal Storage Toronto

Green Storage Toronto provides secure, storage solutions for personal use.  We have a wide range of storage unit sizes to cater for all your storage requirements, ranging from storing important documents to moving homes. With a network of personal storage facilities across easy-to-access locations and an excellent customer service, we can help in whatever storage solutions you are looking for.

We have closet-sized units, medium-sized storage rooms, larger warehouse store spaces and industrial units for storage. You are free to choose the storage space you find right, inspect it, and meet our professional property manager before renting the space. After moving in, you keep the key to your Orillia personal storage unit. Security in our stores is the utmost priority to ensure our customers’ property are safe.

Why Choose Green Storage Toronto?

  1. 1. Location - We are conveniently located just west of the DVP on Eastern Ave.

  2. 2. Exceptional Facility – With a choice of over 1,000 scalable and secure storage units in convenient locations; We have your perfect match.

  3. 3. Security - Not only do we protect your valuables from intruders but also ensure everything is safe in a temperature controlled climate.

  4. 4. Affordability – We offer affordable storage rates for all your storage needs. Flexible payment options are available.

  5. 5. Flexibility - You are free to access the storage unit at any time you wish.

  6. 6. Insurance – Get the protection you need.  Our low-cost insurance plans will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Get in touch with us for a free quote, and realize why Green Storage Torontno is the ideal choice for all your personal storage needs.

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