Personal Storage

We work hard every day to bring you the best personal storage solutions. We're proud of the services we offer and your satisfaction is our highest priority. With everything from cardboard boxes and packing supplies to free moving vans, our goal is to make your storage experience as smooth as possible. We can even help you decide what size unit you might need so you don’t pay for extra space! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you. Personal Storage »

Business Storage

Green Storage has many small business customers. These customers realize that by keeping their extra goods in our facilities, they can maximize their own space. Whether you want to create more retail floor space or simply de-clutter for better organization, we can help. With 24 hour gated access, someone to help receive deliveries, mailboxes, free moving vans, and more, there are many ways that Green Storage can help make your business more successful. Business Storage »

Vehicle Storage

We offer parking at each of our Green Storage facilities for your convenience. You can park a car, boat, mobile home, trailer and more! Make better use of your own garage by moving those seasonal vehicles out! Vehicle Storage »

Moving and Packing Supplies

Green Storage is here to protect your valuable items. We offer high quality and eco-conscious moving and packing supplies to help move your items easier and keep them safe while moving or in storage. We offer: various sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes, locks, mattress covers, chair & sofa covers, wrapping paper, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, TV boxes, packing tape and much more! Please visit greenstorageboxes.ca to view and reserve items at your local Green Storage facility. 

Rental Van

When the need for storage arises, not everyone has a friend with a pickup truck! In an effort to make life easier, we have preferred moving van partners to help move your goods into self-storage. Ask us about available moving van discounts and credits. Please call ahead to ensure availability for the day you need it. 

Charging Station

Green Storage is the first storage company in North America to offer free electric vehicle charging stations at all of our sites. When you come in to access your goods or have a coffee with our lovely staff, plug your car in for a free top up! This is just one more way that Green Storage will keep you moving into the future. Charging Station »

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