Welcome to Green Storage FAQ

We need two pieces of identification, the first being anything government issued with a picture on it (passport, driver’s licence, etc.) and the second piece of ID being anything that has your name on it.

Notice must be given prior to your payment due date in order to prorate the account out to the day of your move out. We prorate out once, acknowledging any other charges on the account to be paid.

Minimum rental is 4 weeks! We prorate on a weekly basis at time of move out!

24/7 Access at all sites except our Aurora and Hamilton locations. Please check location page or call us during business hours for specific access hours.  

We offer insurance protection plans that range from $1,000 to $20,000 in coverage for our residential clients. We also offer commercial protection plans for our business clients with up to $2,500 in coverage. For full insurance details please contact your nearest Green Storage facility. .

For your first payment, we accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. After that, cheques and money orders will also be accepted. If you are a commercial client, we accept official company cheques for your first payment.

If you provide an email address, we will be more than happy to email you an invoice prior to your due date, as many days in advance as you wish.

Yes we do! You will receive a notification in your mailbox that there is a parcel/package in the office for you.

We do not store cars or boats on our property. We do store motorcycles, rideable lawn mowers, ATVs, scooters and E-bikes! We recommend coming down to see the facility and the unit to make sure it will fit inside. We do also ask that you drain the gas from the vehicle to avoid any leaking in the units. (For vehicle storage, you must provide proof of ownership, and the party signing the lease must be the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle needs to be insured through your own provider, as we do not offer any coverage on vehicles.)

We offer specials which change month to month and are subject to availability. Check with our awesome staff for more details

Any and all upcoming auctions will be updated on http://www.ibid4storage.com

Yes we do have a one-time administration fee of $20 at time of rental.

Security deposits are required on mailbox rentals only!

If you plan on moving out of your unit, please let our office staff know before your next billing cycle begins and we can prorate your rent to the day you plan on moving out.

Once you have entered your rent cycle you will not be eligible for a refund.

Prorate payments must be made at time of notification!

New unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged in its original packaging within 14 days of purchase with receipt.

Varies by site, but up to 18' high ceilings. 

The doors on our units range from 3' to approximately 9' wide depending on the size of unit.

Hazardous waste, illegal substances, explosives or food are not allowed to be stored at the facility. If you have an item that is questionable, please check with the site manager prior to storing!

Full facility walks are done throughout the day, every day, to make sure all units are safe, secure and properly closed with a lock. The premises have 24/7 recorded video surveillance as well as a security system in place. There are sprinkler systems in the facility, and there are fire extinguishers in each aisle.

Here are a few quick tips: Always cover up your mattresses and sofa with a plastic cover. Put clothes in boxes or plastic containers. We have up to 18' high ceilings depending on location, so use the height to your advantage. If you can stand a couch on its end, it will free up more space for your other belongings. Also if it is your first time using storage or if you are just not too sure about the size you need for what you have, make a trip down to our site where we can assess your storage needs.

Prior to your payment due date, notify the site office of your vacate date, and they can prorate the account once to the day of your move out acknowledging any other charges on the account to be paid. Prorate payments must be made at time of notification!

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