Video Tutorials

State of The Art Security

4K security monitoring and contactless smartphone access

Made in Canada

100% Canadian owned and operated storage facilities

Sustainability Built-In

Geothermal HVAC, solar energy, EV chargers and more

Our Sustainable Features

Tree Planting

For every storage unit rented Green Storage plants one live tree.

Solar Power

Most of our locations are outfitted with solar panels laid out on the roofs of each building.

LED lighting

High-efficiency, bright lighting within each building. 

Sustainable Construction

Cool roof systems, energy recovery ventilation and low-flow plumbing, are a FEW of our sustainable construction initiatives.

E/V Charging & Green Machines

At every Green Storage location, you will find a pair of Level 2 EV FREE charging stations for all your charging needs.

Timed and motion lighting

At every Green Storage location, LED lighting is timed and motion-activated for maximum efficiency. 


Using the earth’s natural energy to provide a climate-controlled environment for your storage belongings.

Vegetable Gardens

We do our best to plant as many vegetables, bushes and flowers as we can at select locations in the summer.

E-waste disposal available

E-waste disposable is available at select locations. 

Eco-friendly moving supplies

Choose the sustainable option when looking for moving and packing supplies. 

Reusable furnace filters

Reusable furnace filters are another way to make storage buildings ultra-sustainable.