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Sustainability Built-In

Geothermal HVAC, solar energy, EV chargers and more

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Most of our locations are outfitted with solar panels laid out on the roofs of each building. Our solar energy generating systems are designed to generate enough energy to run the facility with additional energy feeding back onto the public grid. They are a 120-kilowatt net metering system designed to be a net-zero usage.  Net-Zero means that the system is generating just as much energy that is consumed by the facility on a yearly basis. On top of generating electricity, the panels do an amazing job of deflecting heat away to minimize the energy consumption of climate control systems. 




Geothermal is the epitome of efficient heating and cooling systems. Using the earth’s natural energy to heat or cool water that is then used to heat or cool air on the surface makes for the most efficient way of providing a climate-controlled building for self-storage. Geothermal systems are a robust investment we are proud to make. The sacrifices we make today will result in a future that will be bright and green for generations to come. 


Sustainable Construction


We build our sites from the ground up with sustainability in mind. LED & motion sensing lighting, cool roof systems, energy recovery ventilation systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures, reusable furnace filters, Solarban 60 insulating glass are just a FEW of the many many sustainable construction initiatives we take to create the most efficient self-storage facilities on the planet. 


EV Charging & Green Machines


At every Green Storage location, you will find a pair of Level 2 EV charging stations. For all our electric/hybrid driving storage tenants, we offer free charging of your vehicle while popping into the office to make payment, purchase moving supplies or just access your unit. We promote the use of electric vehicles as much as possible to tenants and our staff. Our staff have the luxury of driving our own two Nissan Leafs to and from work. We also provide our staff with an aggressive EV incentive program. EV’s are faster, cooler and greener than gas-powered vehicles so who wouldn’t want one?


Vegetable Gardens


We do our best to plant as many trees, bushes and flowers as we can at all our locations. Some locations even contain dedicated vegetable gardens. We love to plant tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and lettuce to help provide for those in need in the community. These gardens are tended to every day and fed with stored rainwater. 


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