Best Indoor House Plants For Winter

Best Indoor House Plants For Winter

March 1,2022

Bringing the outdoors indoors with some beautiful indoor plants has heaps of benefits. Research has shown that houseplants help improve mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Tending to plants is a great way to relax, while the plants themselves purify the air in your home, absorbing pollutants and toxins. Let's take a look at some of the best indoor plants for you to keep.


Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as Sansevieria, is one of the most resilient houseplants out there. Its distinctly shaped leaves and striking colouring make it great to have in the house and the plant can survive everything from low light to lack of water. With the Snake Plant, there’s very little you need to worry about in terms of care. This resilient house plant just requires fast-draining and sandy soil and a corner that receives indirect sunlight. Just sit back and enjoy looking at the newest and greenest addition to your household.


Queen of the Night White Orchid

This white orchid cactus is easily the most attractive and photogenic houseplant on this list. It's shaped like a water lily and blooms beautifully in the late evenings. The Queen of the Night is one of the easiest plants to take care of and will grow happily indoors throughout the year.


Boston Fern

Ferns are have become the latest fashion trend to have in your house. With their soft silhouette, elegant fronds, and tiny leaves, they look amazing. The Boston Fern is an easy-care houseplant that can survive a fair amount of neglect. All you have to do is choose a corner away from the window that gets sunlight during the day, and spritz once or twice a week with a hand-held spray.


Mexican Hat Plant

The Mexican Hat Plant, native to Madagascar, is also known as the Alligator Plant or the Devil’s Backbone. The Mexican Hat Plant's greatest feature is its plantlets. These tiny babies appear on the tips of the blue-green leaves of the mother and the moment they fall, they begin to take root so the plant should be grown in a container to avoid that.


The Mexican Hat Plant is extremely easy to take care of, only requiring sandy soil with good drainage. Pumice rock is a great addition to help with aeration. Place in a spot with bright but indirect sunlight and you have will have a great plant to admire.


Majesty Palm

The Majesty Palm is a miniature palm tree that looks fantastic. With its lush green foliage and classic palm-tree silhouette, The Majesty Palm is one of the most robust houseplants. It can handle any temperature that you can and all you need to do is find a corner with bright but indirect sunlight and water it once or twice a week. If you notice its tips going brown, then you’re not watering enough. This houseplant can is a great way to remind yourself of the beach and will refresh your house.


Baltic English Ivy

With its glossy green leaves, the Baltic English Ivy is considered a symbol of love and friendship due to its rather clingy nature, attaching itself obstinately to walls and trees. The plant is fast-growing and simple to care for. Make sure to keep the soil quite dry and Ivy will get sickly and lanky if it doesn’t get enough light. 


English Ivy is also a great air purifier, capable of reducing airborne toxins and even fighting mold levels in the home. This makes it a great addition to your household if you’re looking to improve air quality.