Boat Storage Tips

Boat Storage Tips

September 10,2018
Boat Storage Tips

Boating is a large part of the aquatic enjoyment of summer in Canada. Whether it is a leisurely sail around the bay or a fishing trip to catch last year’s elusive trophy, it is what memories are made of. But, eventually, when the sails have dropped and the tackle box has been put up, the time is at hand to prepare your boat for winter storage. Making sure that your boat is well protected is essential to ensure that it is ready to for next year’s adventures. This can be an expensive endeavour, as lodging at a marina can be pricey and space is usually at a premium. The solution is not as daunting as you might think, Green Storage, is your answer to boat storage. Now that you know the where, here are a few tips for you to do before you bring your precious cargo to us.

Depending on your type of boat some steps that need to be taken should include:

1. All fabrics that can be removed from the boat should be, this includes leather, vinyl and canvas as this reduces the possibility of mould and mildew setting in.

2. To combat moisture levels that do occur during storage a moisture absorbent product left in the boat is a good preventative measure.

3. All areas of the boat where moisture accumulates are ripe breeding grounds for mildew and therefore should be drained.

4. Electronics are a key component that should not be overlooked in over-wintering storage. Making sure that electronics are protected from the elements and any moisture and dust are key to ensuring that they are in working order for the following season.

Your boat’s mechanical components also need to be addressed for the coming period of non-use:

1. Protecting the engine’s interior is paramount for a smooth start next year. To prevent and protect it from rust a good fogging oil should be used.

2. A good quality marine fuel stabilizer should be added to a full tank of gas.

3. An oil change at this time would help to protect the engine from any impurities that might create rust.

4. Antifreeze should be added throughout the boat’s flushed coolant system.

5. Batteries will drain and along with drive belts can crack over the colder temperatures of winter. These should be removed for winter storage.

6. All moving parts, including joints and bearings should be lubricated with a good marine-grade oil and don’t forget to grease the steering mechanism.

Last but certainly not least to maintain the exterior of your beloved boat:

1. A good cleaning should be followed up by a good coat of wax. This is a vital preventative measure against the formation of rust during storage.

2. Duct tape is your best friend when it comes to sealing off any openings that might entice pests into setting up housekeeping in your boat.

3. Even if you are storing your boat in a protected environment a good, well fitting cover is a must. This added measure will continue to aid in keeping moisture, dirt and pests out.

As they say location, location...location is important for storage. This is a key element for your peace of mind and the proper, secure protection of your boat.

Some helpful tips to keep in mind are:

1. Ease and maneuverability of the storage site is an important key element. Are the drive lanes wide enough, a proper width should be at least 40 feet. Does the entrance have a second gate and is there ease of maneuverability with that as well.

2. For storage, the size and clear delineation of the parking spot is important. Space should be sufficient for your boat and trailer to be accessed easily and quickly.

3. Make sure a proper interior height measurement is taken, if interior storage is being utilized. This must include the height and width of the door to the unit.

4. Regardless of whether interior or exterior storage is being utilized locks are your best theft prevention tool. A multiple system of locks on the trailer hitch and wheels are a good safeguard, especially if storing outside.

5. Site security is something that should be taken into consideration as all facilities do not offer the same standards. Controlled access, video surveillance, adequate fencing, lighting and ongoing adherence to security standards are all crucial to insure safe storage.

Once your boat is out of sight it should not be out of mind. You have insured that all the previous steps were carefully taken and you should always make sure that you periodically check your boat. This is extremely important if you are storing it out of doors as the unpredictability of the elements can wreck havoc. Taking the time to clear snow and rain build up from boat covers can make the difference between a dry secure boat and a weather damaged one. Following these steps will help to insure that it is smooth sailing head for the following summer. To facilitate all your storage needs call us at Green Storage, (844)-50-GREEN, a premiere Self Storage Provider, and let us offer you peace of mind.