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Date: May 15, 2019

Self-storage usually suggests the need to store the extra furniture or the seasonal decorations or the entire apartment for the up and coming move.  Well, surprisingly enough, storage is not limited to just individual personal needs.  Believe it or not self-storage is for businesses as well, businesses of all shapes, sizes and types.  Yes, you read that right, self-storage can be just what you need for your business!  Let us here at Green Storage1 (844)-50-GREEN share a few insights on how a self-storage unit can be beneficial for many types of Toronto businesses.

Paper and Files

Every company that grows will incur the need for documentation storage.  Sensitive and confidential records and employment and tax information must be kept and stored safely if they were ever needed.  This, however, will quickly eat up valuable office space and begin to look like clutter.  An off-site place with security and environmental control will help to keep these important documents safe and accessible.

Seasonal items

If you operate a company that is seasonal in nature such as landscaping that means you will need a place to store lawn mowers, rakes, aerators and assorted gardening tools throughout the winter months.  Summer months could see the storage of snow blowers and shovels, standing ready for the winds of winter to blow.  This is could be the best idea for a restaurant to store patio furniture securely and out of the way during the off-season months.

Of course, there is always the seasonal decorations that can take up an abundance of valuable storage within your company.  These items can find a comfy, well-organized home waiting patiently for their festive need.


Many contractors travel to different locations for job sites.  Having a unit as a central location to house tools, materials and equipment that can be accessed by all employees is a strategic business investment.  This would allow you to store all your equipment in an accessible and safe facility during the peak season and during the off season as well.

Business Renovations and Moving

A self-storage unit would be extremely advantageous during those renovation times.   Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to tuck everything away nice and safely while the new flooring, the sanding and the painting is accomplished?  You can store all the sensitive equipment in an environmentally controlled unit and then bring everything back in an organized and timely manner.  This would be most beneficial while you are moving your offices as well.

Now that we have given you some valuable insights on how a self-storage unit can be beneficial for your Toronto business storage needs it is time to select a self-storage facility.  Green Storage has 20+ different sized units, to facilitate your every need.  Our friendly and qualified staff will work with you to provide expert advice.  We even offer truck rentals and moving supplies.  Our premises have 24/7 recorded video surveillance as well as a full site security system.  The facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and each aisle is equipped with adequate fire extinguishers.  Our facilities are also a climate-controlled environment. 

Make an informed choice for your Toronto business storage needs.   Call us at Green Storage at 1 (844)-50-GREEN or visit one of our Ontario self-storage locations today!  We are your dependable full-service, self-storage provider in Ontario, and we look forward to assisting you!

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