Christmas Storage

Christmas Storage

Date: December 27, 2018

It is Christmas…what a wonderful time of the year!  The sounds of the season ring true, the floodgates have opened on shopping, the air is crisp and clean, and the world is all aglow.   The bright lights and Christmas trees, the garlands and the reindeer, the wreaths and the snowmen are an integral part of the holiday season.  Let’s face it though, Christmas does not put itself together, it takes a multitude of boxes in a variety of sizes to house all the glitz and glamour of season.  These boxes of decorations can range in quantity and size and they do require a lot of prime storage space.  Unfortunately, finding space for the decorations for an entire holiday is not easy to accommodate which means that the Christmas lights could be in the shed with the snowmen, the Christmas tree and the ornaments in the crawl space and the garlands and wreaths on the top shelf in the closet.  It takes a lot of time to find everything from memory unless you have made a map.

Does the thought of digging out the decorations from every nook and cranny in your home leave you with a feeling of dread?  What about the inevitable process of having to box up the holiday décor? This can strike fear into to the heart of even the most fearless at this time of the year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your Christmas décor organized?  We here at Green Storage, have put together a few tips to help take the Grinch out of Christmas storage, and better yet, it reuses many common items.

The Tree

Let’s face it, the Christmas tree is the center of many of the holiday traditions and a source of great dilemma.  A Christmas tree is like a pattern, once you remove it from the original packaging you can never make it fit back in.  It almost defies physics!  Rather than fight to condense it into that box again why not invest in a hockey/sports bag.  They are sturdy, easier to carry and will protect your tree for years to come. 

The ornaments

Start saving those egg cartons!  Using egg cartons to store small ornaments is ingenious!   You can group your ornaments by colour, by shape or even by the order that they are put on the tree.  The carton keeps them from breaking and even keeps the hooks from becoming a tangled nightmare.


Raid that blue box and recuse the paper towel rolls and even the wrapping paper rolls!  These are fantastic to use for wrapping garlands around and keeping them secure and untangled and, heaven forbid—organized!

The Lights

Believe it or not, Christmas lights can be put away neatly.  I know that this sounds like something out of a Christmas movie, but it is true!  The flaps from the cardboard boxes are perfect for wrapping lights around.  They can be organized by size or by colour and they can stack neatly, because they lay flat.


Take-out containers and shoeboxes will never see the recycle box during the holiday season.  These are wonderful for storing small items, cards, ribbons, bags, bows and delicately wrapped figurines. These will keep things safe and organized.

Now, that we have helped you organize your decorations, it would be a great idea to find one place to store them.  With a proper storage unit, all these decorations can be stored in one secure place that is more than adequate to stack totes, hang items and house other larger items in an organized manner.  Green Storage has 20+ different sized units, from 15 sq. feet to 250 sq. feet, to facilitate your every need.  A climate-controlled environment will add longevity to your decorations.  Knowing that many of our 24-hour secure buildings are accessible to you at any time will allow you easy access, your decorations are never out of reach.  To facilitate your local storage needs, call us at Green Storage, 1 (844)-50-GREEN or better yet, visit one of our Ontario self- storage locations today! 


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