Downtown Toronto Drive-Up Units - One of a Kind!

Date: May 6, 2021

Our beautiful downtown Toronto Storage facility is certainly one of a kind! Eco-friendly features, a painted wall mural, a community vegetable garden and a convenient location are all stand-out features of this Green Storage facility. Today’s topic today however, is a type of unit this building offers which is extremely rare to find anywhere in the downtown core. It’s the infamous drive-up storage unit.


The ground-level exterior of our storage building located at 145 Eastern Ave is lined with garage-style drive up units. These are the epitome of convenience as their quick and easy loading access synergizes with the “right-off-the-DVP” location convenience of Green Storage Toronto. The nature of a drive-up unit allows you to pull a moving truck, trailer or any vehicle right up to the entrance of the unit. This results in a moving distance of virtually 0 from vehicle to your unit! The units themselves are not heated, but end up absorbing a lot of the building’s interior heat in the winter and will remain relatively warm if the large exterior door is not opened for too long. All of these units have indoor man door access as well. All drive-ups are absolutely massive to accommodate very large and very many items.  Sizes range from 10x25 all the way up to 20x35!!! AKA 250 sq ft to a whopping 700 sq ft! With 10 ft ceilings the sheer volume of these units is tremendous, further increasing their convenience factor.  


Businesses are the main benefactor of these ultra-convenient storage units. Quick and easy access of items that need to be stored for the most part but used on occasion, is the optimal use of this unit. For example, nearby film studios would store their surplus gear and equipment in these units. As needed, items would be picked up from these units quickly and efficiently as film demands changed. This is a real-use case scenario that we experience at Green Storage Toronto, but there are many other potential business uses!


So, why are we talking about these units all of a sudden? The answer is simple, because for the longest time these units were occupied and availability was slim to none for Toronto residents. Recently, a lot of these units came available! We are excited to finally be able to offer a different type of storage (the best one, in fact) to the lovely people of Toronto once again. These won’t last long so we encourage businesses in the Toronto area to consider a drive-up unit at Green Storage Toronto to perhaps optimize the operation of their business. Come on by to 145 Eastern Ave to have a look!


Thanks for reading!

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