Easter Storage

Date: April 23, 2019

Easter Bonnets and Bunnies


The season of bonnets, bunnies and baskets has arrived! What helps to make the holiday season so bright and festive, decorations of course! The winter has finally given over to the birth of the new and bright season of spring and the Easter Holiday decorating is here. The fresh lemon yellows, and pastel pinks and robin-egg blues are the festoons to bedeck homes and businesses alike. To chase away the winter greys and herald in the colours of brighter days ahead. Whether you are decorating for a family, for the public or just for your employees, Easter decor is truly the beginning of something beautiful. Everyone who likes to enjoy the multitude of seasonal holidays, that we celebrate each year, asks the same question when the holiday is over? What would that all-encompassing question be you ask...storage of course? This one, somewhat minor detail can make or break a successful decorating event. Let us here at Green Storage share with you some timely tips to make your Easter decorating something bright to look forward to, year after year.


Now, where did I put that?


Have you ever carefully stashed away the decorations, until you could organize them properly, only to find that the next season is upon you and you are frantically searching everywhere for them? Those are the decorations that you could swear that you put in this cupboard, or in this closet or better yet, maybe under the bed. This is what many of us face when storing decorations for the holidays. This unruly version of stash rather than store lends way to too many extra hours of searching and repurchasing items which can be very costly. One safe and secure storage unit can eliminate the cost of replacing these “lost” items. It also can free up value time that is wasted searching for the elusive but quintessential box of baskets.


How to Store Holiday Decor.


Decorations come in every shape, size and colour that you can imagine, and even some that you couldn’t or shouldn’t imagine. Just thinking of trying to find the right place to store that chic chick and bunny wreath or that large pastel crepe Easter egg so that they make it through until next year can create quite the conundrum. Taking the time to properly ensure that small items are packed carefully, in colour-coded and labelled totes, can ensure quick retrieval of pristine and intact items. The Easter season is full of large fluffy bunnies, delicately decorated eggs, woven baskets with brightly coloured paper-fill, lilies and spring branches covered in delicate blossoms. Stored carefully they will be ready to greet the season next year as well as those seasons to follow.


Today many decorations are quite substantial in size and design and need to be stored in an adequate and safe environment to keep their value and use throughout many seasons. Let’s face it, decorations for the season are an investment and thus need to be properly stored to ensure your investment is protected. With a proper storage unit, all these decorations can be stored in one secure place that is more than adequate to stack totes, hang items and house other larger pieces in an organized manner. Green Storage has 20 different sized units, from 15 sq feet to 250 sq feet, to facilitate your every need. A climate-controlled environment will add longevity to your decorations. Knowing that our 24-hour secure building is accessible to you at any time will allow you to store and retrieve your decorations at your convenience.

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