Even More Storage In Hamilton

Date: April 28, 2021

Even More Storage In Hamilton!


Hello readers! We are so excited to announce the soon to be completed second phase of our Hamilton self storage facility at 200 Glendale Ave N! This second phase boasts more climate and humidity controlled storage units, another elevator, sheltered loading bays, business venture units and a huge secure gated parking lot! Certainly a lot to talk about here. New units are coming available everyday as we finish up and get units online. We are so excited to serve Hamilton with the highest quality (and greenest) storage offering the city has seen.


Let’s get into the GREEN aspect of GSH first. This facility is our first stab at a robust geothermal heating and cooling system. If you’ve never heard of geothermal, we won’t judge! In a nutshell, this type of system uses the earth’s thermal energy to heat or cool water running deep into the ground, it then pumps the water back up to surface to perform a cooling or heating action upon the facility. This type of system is extremely efficient and has minimal environmental impact. A geothermal system of this size and capacity is a huge feat – and we are extremely proud. As far as we know, no other storage facility in Ontario has accomplished something like this! On top of geothermal creating a climate controlled environment for your storage unit, we control the humidity of the GSH facility to a constant 55%. With humidity control, you can feel confident that your belongings will stay safe and unharmed for years and years and Green Storage Hamilton.


Okay, now that we’re done bragging let’s talk about what we’re offering you in terms of storage and access. With phase 2 you’ll receive a sheltered outdoor loading bay with multiple garage door style entrances (but much much bigger than a typical garage door). This will allow you to conveniently access the door of your storage unit for easier loading and unloading. We will also be throwing in another massive industrial elevator for convenient access to other floors – whether you’re a new OR existing tenant! Cool eh? As for the units themselves, they will be brand new, clean and have 10 ft ceilings for your stacking convenience. We have so many options for sizes you won’t be able to remember, but it means we’ll be able to find the a storage unit that suits your needs perfectly.


Have a business in Hamilton? You’ve come to the right place. Our brand new Business Venture Units are equipped with the full package – power and lighting. At minimum, these uits are 15ft by 30ft offering a huge space to store inventory and even set up multiple desks to work out of! With available mailboxes, Green Storage Hamilton can suit your office space requirements while still keeping the cost effectiveness of self storage. These units have been a hit at our Keswick, Ajax and Aurora locations. With the world becoming more digital – you can run your business from anywhere!


Lastly, we’d like to present our beast of a parking lot. The walls are way over 10 ft and the lot is completely monitored by 4K surveillance. This is security at its finest, and it’s available to you at an affordable price. Cars, trucks, bikes, RV’s, trailers – you name it, we can accommodate it.


Thanks so much for reading guys and we can’t wait to serve you, Hamiltonians!

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