Fantastic Tips To Help You Start Spring Cleaning

Fantastic Tips To Help You Start Spring Cleaning

April 8,2021
Fantastic Tips To Help You Start Spring Cleaning

Fantastic tips to help you start spring cleaning


Spring has arrived which means it's time to re-freshen your house. Spring cleaning is important to make your environment clean and organized. It feels great to bring in that fresh-start feeling brought on by the air of spring. However, not everyone is that excited about cleaning. So we at Green Storage decided to bring you some great tips for spring cleaning.


  1. Make a planner

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the daunting task that is spring cleaning. That's why it's important to assess your home and make a planner on all the areas that need work. Making a planner will help you break down tasks. making it easier to work on.


  1. Green cleaning is the way to go

At Green Storage, we love to promote environmentally friendly ways to live your life. A lot of cleaners involve exposing yourself to chemicals and toxins. That is why a steam cleaner is one of the best green products for spring cleaning. You can use it to clean your microwave, tile, hard floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas and since steam cleaners only use hot water vapor, they’re a 100% natural and chemical-free cleaning solution. Another green cleaning agent can be made at home using white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water.


  1. Start from the top

When it's time to start cleaning, look what's up before what’s in front of you. The ceilings are usually full of dust and debris you may not notice at the beginning. Cleaning the ceiling first helps force debris downward and avoids you from having to re-dust or re-clean again. Don't forget to dust your furniture and other items before cleaning your floors. And when you're done, one of the best ways to start spring is with a fresh new look. Brighten up your space with new bedding, towels, table linens, making it light and fresh for spring.


  1. Don't forget about the walls and windows

People often get tired after cleaning the ceiling and floors and dusting their furniture and decide that their walls and windows are not a big deal. But that's where you're wrong. Dust settles just as much on your walls and windows and it's worth it to take a damp cloth and run it down on those walls.


  1. Kitchens and bathrooms are not daunting

Kitchens and bathrooms are always considered the worst places to clean. Grease, dirt, and residue all gather up and become a hassle. People also don't know where to start so here are some steps you can follow.



  • Go through your pantry and refrigerator and throw away any old items.
  • Wipe down the shelves and your cabinets.
  • Use gentle cleaners/steam cleaner to avoid your steel appliances.
  • For your stove, make a paste from baking soda and water for those troublesome stains, then run it down with a damp cloth.


  • Go through your cosmetics drawer/medicine cabinet and throw away any expired items.
  • Baking soda and hot water is the best way to clean your bathtub
  • Change your shower curtain.


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