How to Organize Your Storage Unit

How to Organize Your Storage Unit

February 19,2021
How to Organize Your Storage Unit

How to Organize Your Storage Unit


Everyone knows how much of a pain it can become to go through your storage unit just to find that one item. We have all experienced it and know how frustrating it is. You spend all your time endlessly searching and opening boxes only to discover it's right there next to the door!


The last thing you want to do is pull everything out of your storage unit and dig through a pile of boxes looking for what you need. A little bit of planning is the key to making sure your storage unit is organized can save you from a bunch of headaches later on. If you are someone who doesn't know where to start when it comes to planning, well no need to fret anymore because we have come up with a guide to ease all your storage problems and make finding any item as easy as pie. Say goodbye to those endless days of torture!


One size for all

Stick to one-size boxes for most of your items. This helps you in the long run by allowing you to easily stack and move boxes around. Take into consideration a size that is manageable for you to pick around and large enough for most of your belongings. Green Storage's size guide comes with a unit recommender to determine the sizes you require and if you are still puzzled, our experienced professionals are always available to help you out.


Labelling helps save lives

Labeling is crucial to having a well-organized storage unit. It allows you to identify boxes easily. The general rule to labeling is to the top of a box and at least one side with a unique box number and the contents of the box. Take into consideration what the box contains and detail crucial information that can help you easily remember what the box contains.


While packing and labeling, be sure to create a master list detailing the contents of each box along with the box number. A master list becomes very handy to have around when you need to find a specific item. It can help you save a lot of time and energy when searching through your storage unit.


Create an organized layout for your storage unit.

Planning where to place your boxes can become helpful in the long run. Whether you’re someone who accesses their unit frequently or planning for long-time storage, you’re going to need to put some thought into how you pack your storage unit. It helps to identify the items you may need to access while in storage. Things you don’t use regularly can be placed towards the back. Be sure to consider seasonal items and place them where you can easily access them. Office supplies, trip equipment, extra clothes, furniture, antiques, it's important to create a well-thought-out plan on how you want to store them. You may feel as if it's too much of a pain and to just place things in but that attitude will lead you to a lot of trouble down the road.


Store efficiently and smartly to save yourselves in the future. Organization is key to having a manageable storage unit. Try these tips out and put your future self's mind at ease.


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