Self-Storage Makes Moving Easier

Self-Storage Makes Moving Easier

February 25,2019
Self-Storage Makes Moving Easier

Self-Storage Makes Moving Easier

The time has come to move, the time has come to panic!  The wonderful, exciting and terrifying time to plan a move is now at hand.  You have made the decision and now comes the hands-on work, selling, buying and of course packing.  What in the world could make this adventure easier you ask?  A self-storage unit can make your life a lot easier!   We here at Green Storage, have put together a few tips to help you to make your life easier when you are planning to move. 

To Stage

When you are planning on selling your home, remember that space sells.  The best way to invite potential interest is to project an adequate space for all their cherished belongings.  The easiest way to allow them to visualize this is to stage your home.  Staging your home may involve moving out, temporarily, furniture, personal items, sports or exercise equipment or that large elaborate train set hobby in the spare bedroom. Having a place to store all these items that can be later retrieved is a crucial first step which will allow you to properly stage your home.

Clutter…What Clutter?

We all like to think that when potential buyers are viewing your home that they will be respectful of your personal privacy and space.  Unfortunately, this is not the case!  Potential buyers want to see everything that is available in the home and that includes looking in cupboards, pulling out drawers and opening closets.  This will lay bare all your best, and maybe worst, kept secrets…your clutter!  A good strategy when orchestrating a move is to pack only what you want to unpack.  This is the time to purge and donate items that you just don’t feel that deep attachment to anymore.  The ones that still warm your heart can be packed away and kept safe in a self-storage unit, until it is time to rejoin you in your new home.

Personal Taste

You may absolutely adore that oversized burgundy sectional couch that is the meeting place for Saturday night movies with the family but, will potential buyers.  You could pare it down to a minimal size and keep the unused sections safely in a storage unit.  You have worked for years to build your library and are quite proud of it, but again, it might be overwhelming to potential buyers.  Would it not be easier to pack up all those books, CDs or DVDs and the bookcases and store them?  This will help keep buyers focused on your home and not your choice of entertainment media.

Slow Down

Everything today is so rushed and adding a move is what can push it over the edge.  Before this happens, just think of what a storage unit can do for you.  You can pack and store many of your belongings away prior to moving and when you do move you can unpack at a more leisurely pace.  Imagine being able to complete one room at a time and put everything away without dodging copious amounts of stacked boxes. 

We hope that we have given you some informative tips as to the benefit of a self-storage unit to assist you with your next move.   Green Storage has 20+ different sized units, to facilitate your every need.  Our friendly and qualified staff will work with you to provide expert advice to help you with your next move.  We even offer truck rentals and moving supplies to help co-ordinate your move.  Our premises have 24/7 recorded video surveillance as well as a full site security system to give you peace of mind.  The facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and each aisle is equipped with adequate fire extinguishers.  Our facilities are also a climate-controlled environment. 

Make an informed choice for your storage needs.   Call us at Green Storage at 1 (844)-50-GREEN or visit one of our Ontario self-storage locations today!  We are your dependable full-service, self-storage provider in Ontario, and we look forward to assisting you!  A self-storage unit can make your next move a more pleasant and expedient endeavour!