Self-Storage Packing Tips

Self-Storage Packing Tips

February 21,2019
Self-Storage Packing Tips

Self-Storage Packing Tips

You have found the perfect storage unit that will fit your every need and you are ready to pack up your belongings and store them away or the season.  You have diligently packed them securely and are piling them into the unit.  Did you know that there is a strategy to the process of packing for storage in a unit?   Well, there is and we here at Green Storage, have put together a few tips to help you to make your life easier when you are packing and unpacking your belongings.  This will ensure that your valuables will be safe, and you will be able to find everything quickly and easily.

Clean Items

Items that are being packed for storage should always be stored in a clean state.  Appliances should be cleaned of any dust and residue build up and any metal should be treated against tarnish or rust.  Make sure that any fridges or freezers have been defrosted and cleaned thoroughly.  Textiles should always be laundered before being packed away for storage.  Furniture should be cleaned thoroughly, this includes couches and mattresses.  If any furniture can be disassembled carefully it would add valuable space.

Be Prepared

When the time comes to pack the unit having everything necessary to pack the unit when you arrive at the facility will help you immensely.  You may need to have dollies for moving furniture or large and heavy boxes. Plastic wrap and tarps will help to keep dust and grime from furniture and large items as will moving blankets.  Making a list of these items before you arrive at the unit is very helpful.  Green Storage has many of the necessary items available at their facilities, the helpful front desk staff can assist you.  They can also provide a list of items that are not to be stored in the facility.  These are usually items that are combustible.

Packing the Unit

Heavy, large items should be packed in the back of the unit.  A good rule to follow for packing items in boxes is that the heavier the object the smaller the box.  A heavy object in a large box is much harder to move and will take up valuable space.  Leaving space in the unit to move is crucial as you will want access to different items at different times and being able to easily access them is ideal.  Leaving room around the packed items also aids in circulation.  Avoid piling boxes and totes too high as they can shift and fall, possibly harming someone or breaking the items they contain.   Make sure that dressers and wardrobes are empty of clothing and drawers and doors are taped shut.  Cover wood furniture with breathable blankets to discourage scratching them.  Mattresses should also be stored in breathable covers instead of plastic that can trap moisture which could cause mildew.  Electronics should be stored in boxes, using bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect them.  All batteries should be removed as they can corrode and cause damage.  Breakable items should be wrapped carefully using bubble wrap and appropriately sized boxes or totes clearly marked fragile.  Label every box and tote, this will facilitate easy retrieval.

Now that we have given you some tips to assist you with packing your possessions for storage it is time to select a self-storage facility.  Green Storage has 20+ different sized units, to facilitate your every need.  Our friendly and qualified staff will work with you to provide expert advice.  We even offer truck rentals and moving supplies.  Our premises have 24/7 recorded video surveillance as well as a full site security system.  The facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and each aisle is equipped with adequate fire extinguishers.  Our facilities are also a climate-controlled environment. 

Make an informed choice for your storage needs.   Call us at Green Storage at 1 (844)-50-GREEN or visit one of our Ontario self-storage locations today!  We are your dependable full-service, self-storage provider in Ontario, and we look forward to assisting you!