Spring Cleaning and Organization

Date: April 17, 2019

Clean and Store for Spring

The birds are chirping, the grass is greening, and the flowers are breaking through the cold thawing earth.  We all know what the signs mean…spring cleaning fever is about to descend upon us in full force.  Spring cleaning is not just throwing open the windows and airing out the rooms or the yard work that needs to be done.  It runs deeper than the dusting and the vacuuming as well.  The time to clear out the clutter and organize your life for the budding season ahead is at hand and a self-storage unit to store all the winter clutter is just the thing!  We here at Green Storage, have put together a few tips to help with your clutter-buster spring cleaning!

And the Cupboard Was Bare

This is a great time to look to sprucing up and cleaning out the dark and dusty cabinets and cupboards.  If you plan to spruce up the place with a fresh coat of paint this year, now is the time.  You don’t want to lose any summer months to indoor work so take advantage of the spring fever mood.  Empty cupboards and cabinets, this would be a great time to sort out what needs to be purged, what can be donated and what you could store.  Thoroughly clean the inside and the outside of the cabinets and remove old shelf liner paper.  Remove handles and sand lightly before applying paint to help it adhere properly.  A little sorting and some elbow grease and voila new fresh and organized cabinets!

Chic or Shabby

Somehow the dark season nesting instinct allows us to overlook clutter and faded surroundings.  Now that the sun is returning, and the bright light of revelation is growing it might just reveal that the most beloved paint colour of the last decade is truly outdated.  What better way to allow easy access for painting than to move out the furniture and that doesn’t mean to the hallway.  A self-storage unit can help with storing furniture so that you can tackle each room completely.  You would be able to paint, shampoo carpets, redo floors and then restage the room easily.  Just think, all the ease of painting and cleaning without having the couch in the bedroom, the loveseat in the kitchen, the coffee table in the children’s room and the family portraits stacked in the front hallway.  A Self-storage unit could help with all those pieces of furniture that you want to store during this process and maybe even for the season.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We made it through another winter and what a winter it was.  Whether the cold or the snow or both were friend or foe we all have accessories for the winter.  If you enjoy winter sports you don’t mind seeing your snowboard, your skis or your snowmobile helmet propped up by the door but now is the time for running shoes, and umbrellas and kites.  A self-storage unit would be the perfect place to store all that winter fun equipment, not to forget the snowmobile and the snow blowers as well.  Stored safe, sound and secure but most of all not under foot.  A self-storage unit is great to keep all the seasonal accouterments neatly stored and accessible.

Now that we have given you some tips to help you plan your spring-cleaning frenzy, it is time to select a self-storage facility.  Green Storage has 20+ different sized units, to facilitate your every need.  Our friendly and qualified staff will work with you to provide expert advice.  We even offer truck rentals and moving supplies to assist you with the cleaning and purging part of the process.  Our premises have 24/7 recorded video surveillance as well as a full site security system.  The facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and each aisle is equipped with adequate fire extinguishers to give you peace of mind.  Our facilities are also a climate-controlled environment so that your seasonal equipment will rest comfortably during the off season.

Make an informed choice for your storage needs.   Call us at Green Storage at 1 (844)-50-GREEN or visit one of our Ontario self-storage locations today!  We are your dependable full-service, self-storage provider in Ontario, and we look forward to assisting you!


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