SPRING into action this April with Green Storage Ajax

Date: April 5, 2017

We made it!  It’s been a cold winter but the end is finally in sight.  The sun is finally staying out past 6PM and the leaves are starting to make their way back onto the trees.

It’s time to start thinking about putting away that winter gear and dusting off the summer toys.

But Wait...

Before you start packing up those seasonal items for another year, take some time to go through your belongings.  April is a great time of year to clean out the old to make room for the new.  If the words “Spring Cleaning” gives you nightmares, Green Storage Ajax has 5 tips to make your cleaning a dream.

  1. Work from the top to the bottom’ from the inside to the outside. By tackling one room at a time you can maximize your time and energy and ensure you don’t go back and re-clutter any spaces you’ve gone through.  Doing one room from start to finish before you move onto the next will keep you motivated as you can see the results faster than trying to take on the whole house at once.

  2. Create a system. When cleaning out closets, it’s a good idea to set up an inventory system.  Begin by taking everything out (and we mean EVERYTHING) and put into whatever categories make sense to you.  You can organize things by seasons, or by their function, or by how often you use it (ie. daily/weekly/monthly).  Having a personal system will help you feel in control of the process.

  3. Keep friends together. After you’ve gone through your closets and in-home storage spaces have you discovered a pile of scarves in several different corners of your house?  What about Tupperware containers?  Sports equipment? That random collection of measuring tape that we all have (because you’re never sure that you have one)? Keep friends together and designate one area for similar items.  This will also help you eliminate any excess - no one needs ten and a half pairs of mittens.

  4. Speaking of keeping friends together . . . have you discovered a pile of things that belong together IN THE TRASH? Or possibly IN THE DONATION BIN?  Be ruthless with clutter.  Take the time to ask yourself the tough questions: Have I used this in the last six months?  Do I have a good reason to keep this (sentimental reasons can only apply to maximum half of the pile)? Did I even remember that I owned this?  If you think you can live without it make use of several online market places or your local charity to eliminate clutter and make a few extra bucks or give back to the community.  And if you can’t sell it OR give it away – trash it.  

  5. Put those excess seasonal items or things that maybe only get used once every 3 – 6 months in a self storage unit with Green Storage Ajax. Our storage units range in size from small to very large; all have 10’ ceilings and thy doorways range from 3’ to 9’ wide.  No matter what you discover in your spring cleaning, we have the self storage space to meet your needs.


Come see us today and see how we can make your Spring Cleaning a dream.

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