Tips To Make Your Move In and Out of Self Storage Smooth!

Tips To Make Your Move In and Out of Self Storage Smooth!

June 3,2021
Tips To Make Your Move In and Out of Self Storage Smooth!

Few tasks are as monumental and stress-inducing as moving. With all the copious amounts of planning and effort required, it can easily be a nightmare to accomplish. From packaging, contacting and dealing with movers, cleaning, and taking care of your family, the tasks seem endless when it comes to moving. However, as always, if you take time to sit down and organize everything, it becomes easier to deal with and a lot of trouble can be avoided. We have decided to compile some amazing tips that will help you out.


Plan and Strategize

When looking at everything you need to pack, it is quite tempting to ignore it or try to leave the packing till the end, reassuring yourself that it won't be that hard. This is an extremely bad move and you shouldn't wait till the last few days before moving to start packing. Take your time and break down the items in each room to create an overall picture of everything. Make sure to leave your essentials out and start packing.


When it comes time to pack, avoid aimlessly placing items. This will become harmful in the long run. Take your time to safely wrap your items and label boxes accordingly whilst keeping notes on what the boxes contain. Break down furniture and store items away from other rooms in separate piles. Whether you’re moving boxes yourself or having professional movers do it for you, it's important to create space to move around boxes. Avoid placing them in areas where it can be difficult to move freely.


Package in appropriate containers

Make sure your boxes are sturdy, you don't want to risk your carefully packed contents getting broken or damaged because they fall through the bottom of a box during the move. It's a good idea to reinforce the bottom of any heavily packed boxes with strong adhesive tape, to ensure that items won’t fall through.


When it comes to items such as precious jewelry, photos, books, and other items such as family heirlooms, take care to wrap them carefully, the most preferred method would be bubble wrap or towels and secured with a strong adhesive tape. Keeping them with you in a small box or a suitcase is a great way to transport them.


A general rule of thumb is that any important and precious items should be handled personally rather than in the hands of others. Personal documents such as registration papers, educational documents, or your passport should remain with you.


Research before coming to a decision

Professional movers can easily decrease a lot of your stress or increase it tenfold. While the thought of having a professional crew taking care of everything seems appealing, it can just be as troublesome if the movers are not up to the standard you envisioned. It is vital to research companies, look up testimonials and reviews and consult your local friends and families to find a moving company you can be happy with.


Storage containers are a great alternative

Downsizing is a reality that people have to confront when moving. It's not always easy to find a perfect home/apartment that can hold all your stuff. This leads to two scenarios, either you can try to host a sale of some kind to sell items or throw them out. However, if you aren't quite ready to get part with your things, renting a self-storage unit is a great alternative. You can place your items in a safe container that will keep your things in perfect condition.