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July 17,2017
Green Storage is sweeping Southern Ontario. We have convenient locations in Ajax, Orillia, Toronto and more. Are you still wondering if self-storage is right for you? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about self storage. Today we are going to put those myths to bed.
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July 4,2017
Happy Birthday Canada! For 150 years our beautiful country has given us a place to call home. With stunning summers and (yes - we’re going to dare to say it) winter wonderlands, no matter the season Canada is an amazing place to live.
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June 18,2017
Green Storage is excited to announce it aquisition of All City Storage Toronto.  All City Storage hosts a 150,000 square foot facility with over 1,000 rental units across 2.5 acres. 
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June 14,2017
On behalf of all Green Storage staff at Bolton, we'd like to thank our sponsors of our Caledon Community Services BBQ. We could not have done the event without your help!
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