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June 27,2019
Well, you have finally decided to tackle your war with clutter, good for you! The list of items that you can store in your nice, shiny and totally empty self-storage unit is endless but there is another side of that list. As you are packing up your treasures you need to be aware of what NOT to store in your unit. Yes, there is a list of items that definitely should not be stored. We here at Green Storage, 1-(844)-50-GREEN have assembled, for you, a list of items that fall under the do NOT store category.
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June 13,2019
Self-storage is extremely accommodating in many instances, for example: holiday decoration; furniture that you are not using at the moment but cannot bear to throw out; that collection of bowling, baseball or soccer trophies as well as off-season clothing and sports equipment. Do these scenarios not tweak your interest in the need for self-storage, well read on as we at Green Storage, 1 (844)-50-GREEN will give you a few more interesting ways that self-storage can undoubtedly improve your day to day life. We have a few questions that you need to ask yourself and answer honestly.
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May 29,2019
Green Storage Hamilton is honored to be showcased in the Spring 2019 issue of Steel Design magazine!
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May 27,2019
One of today’s hottest topics is downsizing. It is one that crosses the gambit from making small apartments seem large and the quintessential baby boomer and zoomer looking to streamline and de-stress life. The sticking point is usually the first step. Let us here at Green Storage, 1 (844)-50-GREEN share a few tips to help you with your downsizing task.
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