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November 14,2018
At some point you might face the possibility of a professional business move. It is also quite possible that you will have to wait to have your new accommodations configured to meet your individual needs. This is the time that a rental unit for business storage is an excellent investment.
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November 2,2018
Living the urban life-style usually means living in large residential buildings filled with apartments and condos. Whether you are just starting out, moving from similar accommodations or even downsizing from a house, one aspect affects everyone – storage.
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October 17,2018
Ah, it is the season of falling leaves, floppy-hatted scarecrows, pumpkin pies, ghosts and goblins and of course witches! What makes the excitement of this holiday season so festive? Decorations of course!
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September 10,2018
Boating is a large part of the aquatic enjoyment of summer in Canada. Whether it is a leisurely sail around the bay or a fishing trip to catch last year’s elusive trophy, it is what memories are made of. But, eventually, when the sails have dropped and the tackle box has been put up, the time is at hand to prepare your boat for winter storage.
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