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March 13,2020
Employees of Green Storage, which operates eight self-storage locations in Ontario, participated on Feb. 22 in “Coldest Night of the Year” (CNOY), a walk-a-thon that raises money for local charities serving the homeless and needy in 144 Canadian communities. This year’s event netted nearly $5.8 million toward its national goal of $6 million.
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March 5,2020
When it comes to building sustainable self storage facilities, there aren’t many companies that match the commitment of Green Storage. The company just doesn’t place solar panels on its rooftops and limit energy use at its facilities. On the contrary, their first consideration when doing anything is sustainability. And that eco-friendly mindset has paid off in more than one way. As a matter of fact, it recently earned their facility in Ajax the Sustainability Champion Business Excellence Award from Ajax Pickering Board of Trade. “This award is very meaningful to the company,” says Jeremy Freedman, general manager for Green Storage in Toronto, Ont. “It shows our efforts are paying off, and hopefully we will continue to win more awards.”
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November 28,2019
Green Storage, which operates eight self-storage facilities in Ontario, Canada, has received a “Business Excellence Award in Sustainability” from the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade.
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September 19,2019
Settling into your new home can be overwhelming so we here at Green Storage have put a few tips together to help you with this process.
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